We have all been victims of random accidents before. Whether you have experienced the uniquely infuriating occurrence of a car crash or are suffering from a more significant injury caused by negligence on someone else’s part you know how difficult it can be to be made whole again. This is especially true when an insurance company gets involved. These businesses drive their profits by holding on to your money for as long as possible. They are able to invest your monthly payments in order to make even more, too. Once it comes time to pay up, sadly insurance companies all too often refuse to pay or try to offer less than you are entitled to and deserve.

If you find yourself in this position you have two options: you can try to go it alone negotiating your settlement yourself, or you can hire a professional to fight the insurance company on your behalf. People everywhere are finding this process more and more time-consuming and are opting largely to seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, New York, LA, and elsewhere around the continent. Seeking legal help is the right option when you are sick or injured by the actions of others and are either facing extreme difficulty doing menial tasks or are looking at a large potential settlement. These are high-stakes cases that you are either ill-equipped to handle or are physically drained from recovery and at a significant disadvantage when negotiating with the company’s settlement professionals.

If you have made the decision to seek legal help, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You want to find a lawyer with your best interest in mind, not their wallet. You can do this by visiting their office and speaking with some of the employees you find around the building. Is the receptionist short with you or does he take the time to hear your concerns and try to match you with the best representative for your case? When speaking with the lawyer or legal team that will represent you, the same rules can be applied. If your lawyer doesn’t pay you his full attention you may want to think twice about hiring him. Likewise, if she sits down to listen and takes notes about your story while asking pointed questions in order to understand the facts, you may have found the right team. Additionally, if you are confined to your couch or a hospital bed, you will need to find legal help that is willing to come to you and take your calls on your schedule—not theirs. Inability to be flexible even if when the client is partially or completely immobile (even if you are stricken with headaches rather than a broken leg) is a huge red flag.

Additionally, while you are sitting in that preliminary meeting with your potential attorney it is helpful to ask if you will be billed for this initial consultation. Many law offices will sit down with you to discuss the specifics of your case free of charge—but this is not always a given. If you have to pay just to walk in the door, you are probably in the wrong office.

Make sure you call ahead or scour the internet for a compassionate attorney who will take the time to evaluate your claims without the added weight of having to pay for it, even if you find him unable to represent you. You are trying to be made whole for your injuries, not trying to pay lawyers all over town to not work for your rights!

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