Regardless of the ground and complications involved, dealing with a divorce is never easy. More often than not, spouses end up blaming each other, and things can get messy in no time. Most of these aspects can be avoided if both parties engage an experienced family lawyer. Names like Andrew H. Heft family lawyer have been dealing with divorces in Quebec for the longest time, and you can only expect the best advice for managing the circumstances. Here’s what separating couples need to know about getting divorced in Quebec.

Understanding the grounds

The ground for divorce in Quebec is marriage breakdown, and there are three possible types of marriage breakdowns. The first one is when the concerned couple has been living separately for more than a year, and there is no hope for reconciliation. Your lawyer should be able to explain the aspects of this ground, but this is usually the preferred ground, given that no one is blaming one another and things can be sorted amicably. The second ground can be mental and physical cruelty, while the third ground is adultery. No matter the case, things must be proved in the court, which will then decide on the various aspects.

A quick overview of mediation

Mediation is possible when both parties consent for the same, but it is not compulsory in Quebec. If you are opting for a contested case, it must be confirmed to the court that the efforts for mediation has failed or the party has opted not to mediate. Anything that’s said during the mediation process is not admissible to the court.

Finding a divorce lawyer

Long before you go ahead and file for divorce, you have to find a reliable divorce lawyer, and that can be considerable work. There’s a thing that people often say – divorces are bad, but lawyers make them expensive too. However, the right attorney can change the way you deal with the case. No matter whether the matters are mutual or it’s a contested case, the role of the divorce lawyer is important. Their job is to ensure that their client’s interests are protected, but at the same time, they also advise and help on various aspects that eventually come handy in settling things. To ensure that the proceedings move ahead without delay and complications, they may advise mediation or even a compromise.

Talk to a good divorce attorney to understand more about your case!

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