Montreal is home to 23% of the total population in Quebec and 55% of total Quebec’s lawyers are stationed in Montreal. Eventually, the number of lawyers is growing day by day. As per an estimation presently as on 2018 Quebec has on an average of 326 lawyers per 100000 population or inhabitants. This statistic may be considered over-supply of lawyers in comparison to the average of 252 lawyers for 100000 residents in Canada. In spite of this over-supply of lawyers, choosing the right lawyer for your purpose is crucial. It basically depends on a number of criteria to adopt while choosing a suitable lawyer in Montreal. Get in touch with Liebman Legal in order to get more insight on choosing the right lawyer and to get the suitable lawyer for your purpose.

The first criteria to consider while choosing the right lawyer for you is to determine the lawyer’s field of practice and any specialization. You need to find out whether the lawyer practices litigation and if yes then in criminal or civil law. What is the specialization of the lawyer? Is it corporate law focusing contract drafting and company formation? Is the lawyer specialised in municipal law, public lawor co-ownership law etc?You must primarily focus on this because the field of practice and the specialization differs as per rule of court and the above-mentioned specializations may not serve your purpose if you have to deal with an estate dispute.

The second criteria to focus while choosing the right lawyer is to consider the competence of the lawyer. You will, of course, be encouraged to choose an experienced lawyer with a marvellously successful track record provided you can meet the cost. Experienced lawyers are more expensive than the young and junior lawyers. But you can also consider young and junior lawyers through a positive perspective. Today’s experienced lawyers once started their career as new and junior lawyers and the young, fresh and junior lawyers who may be less expensive and looked down upon today may be deserving in terms of their fresh legal knowledge once they have passed the bar. It may be wrong if you always view the competence of a lawyer through the lens of experience.

The third criteria for you to consider while choosing the right lawyer for you may the size of the law firm. You can categorise the firm in three broad categories as a small-firm, medium firm and large firm. This categorization is not for underestimating the small or medium firms in comparison to larger firms. Rather, remember that your files may not be seen or rarely attended in larger firms. The categorization would serve your purpose of evaluating the lawyers along with the cost to choose the best lawyer either from a small or medium or large firm

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