With the melting pot of the world as it is today, there are lots of people who qualify for dual citizenship between two countries. One common example is an individual who qualifies for both United States and Italian citizenship. Back in 1992, the Italian government expanded the definition of citizenship in its country. Those who can trace their citizenship back multiple generations might qualify for Italian citizenship. With this in mind, many people might be thinking about Italian American dual citizenship. What are some of the benefits?

Benefits Under the European Union

Based on the articles in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, individuals who possess citizenship a member state are citizens of the European Union. This means that those who qualify for Italian citizenship can receive benefits under the European Union even if they are also American citizens. This means that Italian citizens have the right to work, live, vote, and travel between the more than two dozen members of the European Union. This also means that those who have both passports will be able to circumvent travel restrictions that would otherwise be in place without European citizenship.

Benefits Through Social Welfare

Those who are able to qualify for Italian citizenship will also benefit from Italian social security. For those who are either unemployed, on maternity leave, or on sick leave will be able to receive benefits under Italian social security. If individuals have been working in Italy for long enough, they might be able to claim pension benefits in addition to the typical social security benefits. Finally, those who are dual nationals will also be able to benefit from Italy’s universal health care and will be able to access the numerous state-run universities throughout Europe.

Financial and Career Benefits

When someone has dual citizenship, this has a number of career and financial benefits. Italian citizens have the ability to transfer between companies in both Italy and the United States without much difficulty, making them attractive targets for employment. Anyone who can speak both languages offer a unique skill set to potential employers. Finally, those who have citizenship in two countries also have access to the single economic zone that characterizes the entire EU that would not otherwise be accessible.

Numerous Benefits of Italian and American Dual Citizenship

In the end, there are many different benefits of holding both Italian and United States passports. Those who are able to claim Italian American dual citizenship will able to claim career benefits, financial benefits, social security benefits, and travel benefits. People who are interested in learning more should think about applying for Italian citizenship to access these benefits.

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