There are chances when your employer may take certain negative actions if you as an employee has filed a complaint about illegal conduct such as harassment or safety violations at work or discrimination. In such circumstances, you need to consult an expert like employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball, who can help you in evaluating a retaliation case.

To begin with, first, you need to understand what is retaliation and its sign.

Signs of Employer Retaliation

In some cases, employment retaliation is easily visible wherein an employer fires an employee immediately after an employee files a complaint about sexual harassment. However, below are some cases where retaliation may not be clear but still included in the list according to an employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball.

  • Working conditions which are not as per your desire such as a lot of workloads or unwanted job location
  • Too much of monitoring
  • Refused to provide you with training
  • Salary Reductions
  • Promotional denial when actually you deserve it
  • Demotions

Following are the points which employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball examines so that you get proper justice.

  • You should have evidence regarding the illegal harassment in the form of some witness or other proofs. It includes e-mails, personnel files and other documents which can help you in sharing your side of the story.
  • You should have proof that your employer has tried illegal acts against you after you filed the complaint.
  • You must have suffered certain kind of damages too which can be shown in the form of the loss you had actually faced. It includes salary loss or incentive getting cut down. Medical expenses can also be shown in case of an injury.
  • You should bring various documents which show that you have made a complaint or harassment to your employer.

Employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball advises you to provide all the details to whom the complaint has been filed.

You must also understand the below situations wherein you are protected from the retaliation.

  • If you are opposing certain illegal activities performed by the employer such as refusing to work in unsafe conditions, complaining to HR for discrimination or ask your manager to stop harassing you sexually.
  • For instance, if you are sharing the company investigator regarding the co-worker’s sexual harassment issue, you may not face retaliation.

Timing is the most important key to prove the retaliation and thus, you can consult employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball right away. You will get a complete explanation of how to get protected from retaliation. A lawyer helps in identifying how strong the claim is. Hence, you need to also show some credibility while sharing everything to your lawyer using clear statements.

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