Did you ever make a legal complaint to your employer about harassment, discrimination, or other unlawful activities at the workplace? A serious employer who follows the rules and respects the rights of the employees will respond immediately and help resolve the situation. But, some employers do not respond to what employees complain about. They may react at first but will ignore investigating the case.

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Signs that your employer is not taking your complaints seriously.

  • Failure to separate individuals

If your complaint involves a specific individual or a group of employees, your employer should take immediate action to ensure no further cases occur. However, if nothing changes and you are still being abused or discriminated against, creating a toxic workplace, your employer may think you do not deserve protection. They will think your complaint does not deserve serious consideration if they feel that way. 

  • Failure to keep documents

The HR or Human Resource department is the one in charge of handling employee complaints and other matters. Do they keep records to show evidence and track patterns of what is going on?

Most workers get not know how well their employers preserve the documents and keep records. If your employer takes your complaint and forgets to track your progress, always keep your eye on them and look if they are not preparing any paper trails. Take copies of everything you can from your employer. 

  • Not interviewing people

Employee complaints begin with the testimony of one person. It involves coworkers, management, vendors, supervisors, business partners, and sometimes customers and clients. Keeping a record of everyone involved in the case, including the ones you noted, could provide more evidence.

  • Failure to hold an investigation

Your employer must initiate an investigation of your complaint. But who is in charge of this investigation?

The assigned party can be a person from HR who has no partiality regarding the circumstances of the incident. If you think the investigation is not partial, politely register your objection in writing and ensure that the object is fact-based. 

  • Failure to maintain confidentiality

Your employer will talk about your case, belittle the matter, leave the relevant documents around, and will not maintain a confidential environment. If other people know about the investigation, the employer cannot defend and refuse knowledge that you ever complained. 

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