When an insurance company is pitching insurance to you, they often try to make it look like a bed of roses. You buy insurance, and if there’s damage or an accident, you file an insurance claim. They then pay you enough money to cover damages. Sounds easy, right?

Well, in the real world, it’s not so straightforward. If you run into any damages, you’ll have to file an insurance claim. The insurance company is going to ask for full documentation. Based on the information you provide, they’re going to determine if you get any settlement at all. And if you do, how much. Some people who submit claims don’t get any settlement. For some, the settlement amount is too little. You can see that the damage is done while filing the claim.

That’s the reason we advocate you hire a personal injury attorney before going to your insurance company. An insurance lawyer helps you file a claim to present your case as clearly as possible, to negotiate the amount that you receive, and to fight in court if there’s a settlement in bad faith.

Reasons to hire an insurance attorney first

File insurance claim

When filing your claim, you’re stating what damage was done and how much you want to be settled. You need to present all the evidence to prove that the damage occured and to the extent you claim. Most importantly, the damage must be covered by your insurance policy. A lawyer reviews your insurance coverage to ascertain exactly what damages are covered by the policy. They then help you file your claim in the best way.

Negotiate settlement

Insurance companies are not always going to give you the amount you request. They’re not to blame since they don’t want to pay more than the damage incurred. However, they can go too low at times. An insurance lawyer negotiates and gets the highest amount possible for you.

Litigate a bad faith case

Bad faith happens when an insurance company refuses to settle you even when you deserve it, settle you too low, or take too long to process your claim.

Give legal advice

Insurance lawyers give you legal advice as your insurance claim is being processed. From the time the accident occurs to when you get settled, an insurance lawyer tries to make the process as hitch-free as possible.

When hiring an insurance attorney, look for one with a solid reputation of wins for their clients. Feel free to check out Shoop Law Corporation in Los Angeles, a law firm that has acquired more than $550 million in settlements.

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