A car accident is an unfortunate incident. It leads to physical and mental injuries and damage to your property that adds on as a financial burden. You will have to deal with your insurance company to recover from this situation. The insurance company will only see their best interests and offer you a low settlement. Therefore, immediately hire a Philadelphia, PA car accident attorney to deal with your case to overcome this unfair situation.    

Accidents can happen due to negligent behavior of any liable parties. A car accident lawyer will determine the liable parties and will help deal with them in the following ways:-

At-fault passenger car driver: If you meet with an accident due to rash or distracted driving of another passenger car driver, then the at-fault driver is liable. In some instances, the faulty driver might not have insurance or be underinsured. Suppose the faulty driver has no insurance coverage. In that case, the lawyer will file a claim directly against the driver and recover damages. Further, the lawyer will investigate and gather proper clues to ensure the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays the full recovery amount. 

The fault of the vehicle manufacturer: Some car accidents are due to defective motor parts. In this scenario, the liable party is the car manufacturer. Suppose you are in an accident due to this. In that case, the lawyer will ensure you get the maximum compensation under a product liability claim. A claim against a reputed company will be complex, but your lawyer will ensure the best possible outcome.

Commercial vehicle accidents: Vehicles do not pay attention to safety measures while on the road. If you meet with an accident with a commercial driver, the claim process will be different. Your car accident lawyer will hold both the driver and the driver’s employer liable. The employer’s insurance company will use tactics to avoid the claim payment. Still, your lawyer will debate all the arguments and get you the compensation you deserve.  

The fault of the government corporation: The government is responsible for maintaining road infrastructure. In some instances, an accident can be due to negligent construction work or improper maintenance of roads. The corporation commissioned to take care of the road, and the contractor involved will be liable. The lawyer will determine all the liable parties and claim the damages. 


The claim process in a car accident is a tedious task. You will need legal help for this. An experienced car accident lawyer will effectively determine who is at fault and how to fight for the rightful claim. 

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