Interstate 10 (I-10) is the southernmost cross-country Interstate Highway in USA which stretches from the Pacific Ocean at California State Route-1 to I-95 in Jacksonville. These highways are the lifeline of American road transport which ensures proper communication, connectivity and much more. But, they are also fatal when drivers get distracted.

Each year, truck accident lawyers represent thousands of people who are seriously hurt in truck accidents along I-10. If you are a truck driver, improving highway safety is a high priority, before you crash and need a lawyer for an accident on I-10.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Distraction due to fatigue or other such causes is biggest reasons for truck accidents on I-10. You must avoid doing things that cause distraction like texting, phone calls, using other electronic devices, eating and doing other things can drastically increase the possibility of a crash as it takes your eyes off the road.

Maintain the Trucks

Truck accident attorneys find that mechanical failure leads to many big crashes, in most cases. So, the best way to prevent any such failure is to ensure that your truck is well maintained. As a driver, you should always do a thorough pre-trip inspection before taking the truck on the road, or you need a lawyer for an accident on I-10.

Use Safety Signals

Using turn signals are important for signaling driver intent. Always use your hazard flashers when traveling slower. You can use it when you pull over. You should always put out road flares or reflective triangles.

Slow Down in Poor Driving Conditions

However urgent it is slow down the vehicle in poor driving conditions such as fog, weather, bad road, must negotiate turns and curves. Most truck accident lawyers stress the importance of slowing down to prevent loss of control when people reach them for legal assistance.

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