Two people died and five others were injured when a pickup truck jumped the median and plowed into oncoming traffic on Highway 99 in Harris County, northwest of Houston, in mid-December.  However, it was the information that surfaced about the driver of the truck that made this story truly bizarre and connected the accident to graveyard kidnapping attempts.

The man driving the pickup was identified as Charles Glaze, 54.  Michael Brown and Linda Fuggiti were both killed in the accident.

Law enforcement on the scene reported the driver did not appear to be intoxicated and that he was cooperating in the investigation.  The driver told emergency personnel he did not know what happened immediately before the crash, although the Sheriff’s office reports Glaze has a history of seizures.

Glaze was also wearing an ankle monitor with GPS tracking when the accident happened.  Glaze has a criminal history after being arrested for assault and attempted kidnapping at a cemetery back in June 2017  He was awaiting trial for the assault and kidnapping charges from 2017 when the crash occurred.

Authorities said Glaze had targeted at least two different women.  In one incident, a grieving mother was graveside at a Magnolia cemetery when a man approached her.

Police reports said the attacker used a taser and gun to subdue the woman.  She was bound and gagged used zip ties and a necktie according to court documents.

As the attacker carried her from the scene, law enforcement officials theorize he became fatigued.  The victim told deputies she was able to fight back and eventually run into a fire station that was nearby for help.

It may not have been the first time.  Officials believe Glaze had approached another woman at a different cemetery in Tomball. While the woman was not harmed, she told investigators she felt uneasy when approaches and took a picture of the suspect’s vehicle, including his license plate.  The vehicle was a red Ford F-150, the same type of vehicle that Glaze was driving in the crash in December.

Glaze was arrested after both victims positively identified him in a photo lineup.  His bond was set at $250,000.  If convicted, he is facing up to life in prison for the first-degree felony.  The trial is expected to take place in April 2019.

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