Many times, you find additional stress in your life due to the unsporting behavior and unfairly games being played by your insurance companies. These plethora of unfair games are the means of bullying and inducing fear so that:

  • Claims can be denied and legally obligated
  • Force clients to withdraw insurance claims
  • Blocks the complaints filed by workers
  • Deny full payouts of claims
  • Force claimants to settle for less than what they are entitled to

By creating doubt and stress amongst claimants, most of the time these insurance companies success in having to give money to the clients as this is the financial loss to them.

Court Case is possible

You have legal right to claim for your amount which you are entitled to. The insurance companies sometimes make you submissive and tired so that you don’t pursue your claim. Hire a good and experienced long term disability lawyer who can fight for your right.

Denied Insurance Claim

If you have a denied insurance claim then you must be aware fo following points:

  1. Always speak to your long term disability lawyer if your insurance company asks you to get reevaluated by their own allocated Medical Examiners (IME/EI). Always remember, these medical experts are hired by the insurance company to provide an opinion that will always be in the interest of the company in order to save their money.
  2. If you have sufficient evidence for your claim but still facing a prolonged process, speak to a disability lawyer. Insurance companies look to make the process of claim complex and stressful so that you withdraw your pursuit by keeping you wait for 6 months or so or keeping you in dark by not telling the exact status.
  3. Contact your disability lawyer immediately if you feel your being harassed or facing aggressive investigation even accompanied with harsh and offensive language. Remember, there are bonus and incentives for claim adjusters for the money they saved for the companies.

You can file an illegal intimidation case against your insurance company in such scenarios.

Yegendorf and Associates Advise for Denied Claims

We have a team of experienced lawyers who knows to handle the unfair games played by the insurance companies without bringing any negativity towards our client. All the conversations and documentation will then be taken care of by our professional so that you get your entitled right while restoring your peace of mind.

We also help our clients to achieve full financial gain and will seek damages if the insurance company is identified involved in intimidation and unfairly tactics.

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