Accidents involving trucks can cause great damage. Usually, smaller vehicles experience more damage due to their size and weight. Such collisions can result in devastating injuries and property damage as well. The victim falls into a heavy financial burden due to medical bills, property damage, and other damages. 

Truck accident cases can be complicated. Since there are so many potential defendants involved, it is important to have a good attorney by your side. If you have been injured, speak to a Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney today. 

Factors that affect a truck accident claim 

  • Damage to property. 

When a larger vehicle collides with a smaller vehicle, the damage is sometimes irreparable. The smaller vehicle suffers from extensive damage and is sometimes totaled. When it is not totaled, the cost of repairs is near or more than the vehicle’s market value. 

If the damage is repairable, an attorney can help you determine the costs. The more the damage, the more the compensation. Speak to the insurance adjuster to take your vehicle to a repair shop and get an estimate of the damages. 

  • Estimated future damages. 

Future damages may include future medical expenses and future lost wages that you will lose due to not being able to go to work. These factors are difficult to calculate because they have not occurred yet; therefore, it requires the help of expert testimony. Hiring an attorney will help because they are already in contact with the best expert testimonies in town. 

  • Loss of income. 

A significant percentage of truck accidents are devastating in nature. If you have got injured, you will likely experience a long recovery period and have to go through various medical appointments. This may cause you to lose your working days and force you to sit at home instead of going to work. 

The wages or other earnings you lose due to not being able to work are known as lost wages. If your injuries prevent you from going back to work forever, your earning capacity can be affected. If your future earning capacity has been compromised, it could affect your case significantly. 

  • Multiple parties are at fault. 

One complicated thing about truck accidents is that multiple parties might be at fault. The possible defendants include the truck driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer, the designer, or another third party. Whichever party is at fault, it is important to gather the evidence to establish liability and recover compensation. 

Cases where multiple parties are at fault, can be problematic. It is important to hire a good truck accident attorney to ensure full protection. 

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