Every family faces problems that can be minor or major and can be solved through communication. But when it comes to domestic violence, people need to take a stand and fight back. In such sensitive cases, the mediation of a skilled family attorney is extremely important as these are issues that go beyond money where the attorney has to act with respect to the mental and emotional state of the victim. Things can thus be comparatively easier when a family lawyer intercedes. So here we shall see how exactly a family lawyer can help in a case of domestic violence.

  • Analyses the severity

Domestic violence is not only traumatic but is unacceptable in every way not to mention against law. Thus, your family law attorney assesses the degree or the severity of the violence before he/she can file a suit. The lawyer may assess the severity of the violence by considering how much the victim has been affected or influenced by the acts, if the victim has suffered injuries, if the situation at the house of the victim is stressful, and so on and file a lawsuit accordingly, where the victim is able to recover for any financial, emotional, and physical loss.

  • Decision of a restraining order

If the domestic violence or the situation at the victim’s house has gotten out of hand, the family lawyer will immediately issue a restraining order against the abuser. The court may then advise or order the accused to dwell in a separate place. Apart from filing for a restraining order, the family law attorney may also file for a divorce after consulting with the victim. In such cases, he/she shall help you obtain spousal support, as well as, file for the custody of the children. 

  • Decides if therapy is required

Victims of domestic violence face extreme trauma and can become unstable at times. The job of a family law attorney here goes beyond legal consultation. He/she may then advise the victim to undertake certain rehabilitation programs or therapies in order to overcome the trauma. In this regard, Litvack Dessureault LLP are trusted lawyers who guide you through the entire process; both legally as well as emotionally. 

Domestic violence can be extremely difficult and traumatic for the victim, which is why he/she needs to be adequately represented. Hiring family lawyers who are adept at their work can therefore be extremely beneficial in such cases.

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