My name is Haim Elia. I am a traffic lawyer in Hebrew   עורך דין תעבורה I want to share with you the policy of punishing traffic fines in Israel, so I did this article also translated into Hebrew at list  the words traffic lawyer (עו”ד תעבורה) so that anyone who does not understand the Hebrew language can learn what happening in Israel for those who do not pay traffic fines in time.

What are traffic fines?

These fines are in fact a simple punishment of strict responsibility, without discretion and without mental thought required in Western countries with the law of thought before committing the offense.

In addition, traffic fines should be considered on the heaviest and most serious side, and must act in accordance with the provisions of the law, both on the subject of a request to be tried and for considerations of payment of the fine, because on the day the fine is paid, the recipient of the fine becomes “Can also be fines and reports and also refuse to be followed by a confession of guilt, especially for the points associated with this offense, for example: a driver who paid a fine for using a mobile device while driving automatically receives the points next to the offense today 10 points.

A traffic lawyer has the ability to deal with the judicial system and the police, especially in the circumstances of each case, and consultation with a traffic lawyer is an important component in taking a decision to pay traffic fines.

For example, ask what happens with not paying the fine in time?

The fine is not paid or the response of the defendant (the recipient of the fine) is not obtained by a traffic lawyer or by himself. First, you can be tried not before the defendant again when the defendant ignores the payment the fine will not be paid, the conference will be doubled and a month later will be doubled by half.

Can I cancel a double fine?

Certainly, traffic fines or traffic fines may be canceled by means of an application to be tried after a sentence has been given by the defendant to his claims accompanied by a lawful affidavit.

How to cancel a traffic fine

Of course, before her attorney Taavura has the tools, the creativity and the knowledge of the procedure, which is indeed controversial, and the court can adopt the loopholes in the law in favor of the client accused of traffic fines. With certainty the need to deal with traffic fines in a responsible and mature manner.

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