When you are injured at sea, it is important that you take certain actions right away before contacting your maritime injury lawyer Houston, Texas. The steps are virtually the same whether your injury occurred while employed on a boat or while as a guest.

File Your Report

The first thing you’ll need to do is to file your report, and if you are an employee, you will want to record this in the official log as well. This is important to do even if your injury appears to be something small.  This is because an injury may be more serious than it appears to be initially. Also, keep a record of the names of all boat officials who are aware of your injury.

Get Medical Treatment

You should request to be taken to shore so that your injury can be treated, and you have the right to choose which doctor you would like to see. The faster you get treatment the better the likely outcome. Keep a record of interactions between you and the management of the ship, especially if they are denying you medical care.

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Obtain Photographic Evidence

Take a picture of the location of the wound, cut, or injury as soon as possible. Try to take photos from every angle, and make sure to back up your electronic files. Photograph the area of the ship where you were working or standing when the problem occurred, and make sure to do it as soon as you can. The surrounding conditions are very likely to change, and you will need this evidence later on.

Speak to Witnesses

Record the names of witnesses and their contact information, including emails, phone number, and mailing addresses. Gather testimonials from them of what they saw. Make sure that those who saw the incident also report file a report with the ship’s management, including information about the conditions onboard the vessel.

Write Your Account Down

While your memory is fresh, write down everything that happened in detail, as this will help you later on if you have to go to court. Try to reconstruct the event and think about the position of tools and people. Keep an accurate account of the names of all who were present, and describe the medical care that you received. Also, describe the activities you were engaged in when the accident happened.

Seek Legal Counsel

Contact your maritime injury lawyer Houston, Texas for help with winning your case. Though the company running the ship will have an adjustor, it is best to seek your own representation, as it is not the adjustor’s job to see to it that you receive the best possible compensation.

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