Many people often involve themselves in crimes without even doing anything. And this is not their fault. It all depends on the location they are at. If someone is concerned about killing another person, the person standing nearby may not have anything to do with it but they could become a participant just by standing there. But does that mean that the person who has not committed a crime should land up in jail? Of course not. And that is why we are here to help. If you have been suspected of a crime or know someone who is, here’s a couple of things they should know about.

Silence is not lethal

While some people argue that their silence can be used against them, experts believe that all of this is not entirely true. However, if you deny, that can be used against you in a case in the future. Often people are not afraid to use white lies such that sound like “I have not heard of that before”. If you say that, chances are you might get into trouble. You could speak to lawyers or have a lawyer present before you answer important questions.

The police do threaten

Yes, the police do threaten people and you have to be mindful about that as well. There are people in this world who are good and not so good. Same goes for those who work as cops. Some people may try to do things that are against the law. If you find yourself in a place where you are being threatened or there is physical violence, you have to request or ask your attorney to do something about it. If you don’t give in out of some fear, you can start the statement by simply listing what they have done in order to make you feel like that. However, you should never be afraid or fearful in situations like these.

Miranda Rights

Miranda Rights to protect people who are already in the custody and are being asked questions by cops. The cops may not require them to inform the suspect of their rights if they are not in the custody. This also includes those who are already in the custody but have not been asked anything by the police. The statement will apply only to those statements that are made by asking questions. Sometimes the suspects will tell the police things that are incriminating. Barnes Law Criminal Defense Attorney is fully aware of this.

And before you get hold of a lawyer for yourself, here are some questions that you must consider:

  1. Have they faced 10 trials before at court?
  2. If yes, have they won any of them?
  3. Have they gone to federal court?
  4. Do they have enough experience?
  5. Have they handled death penalties? How good were they at it?

Make sure to check for these before you confirm.

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