There are many things that you should do immediately after an auto accident, especially if you live in Michigan:

  • Notify the police of any accident, especially if they do not come to the accident scene;

  • Provide the investigating officer with all the information that he asks you for;

  • Make certain that there is a written police report made following the accident;

  • Get the driver’s license number and other vehicles license plate numbers in the accident;

  • Take photos on your phone of all damage to your auto and other vehicles in the crash;

  • Get the names, phone numbers and addresses of all witnesses to the accident;

  • Report any accident to your insurance company immediately;

Law in Michigan

The law in Michigan requires that driver report any accident involving a motor vehicle that causes more than $1000 in property damage, results in death or injury, or damages an unattended vehicle or other property. The accident needs to be reported but the driver may not be required to file a written report. However, many insurance policies require a written report be file within 24 hours of an accident to be able to get any insurance benefits.

Copy of traffic report

You can get a copy of your traffic crash report or UD-10 from the police agency that investigated the accident. For accidents investigated by the Michigan State Police, you can purchase a report online through the Traffic Crash Purchasing System.

Insurance is mandatory

Michigan is a state with no-fault insurance, meaning that every auto is mandatory by law to be covered by an insurance policy for no-fault. This insurance provides coverage and quite valuable benefits to every person injured in an auto accident.

PIP benefits

These benefits, referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits include payments of:

  • Medical expenses (unlimited for your lifetime);
  • Prescription expenses;
  • Lost wages (85% of your wages up to 3 years);
  • Attendant care services (paid to either a staffing agency, family member, or other person of your choice);
  • Household service up to $20/day for up to 3 years for help around the house;
  • Case management services;
  • Home alterations (ramps for handicapped, lifts, bathrooms, additions to home and more;
  • Vehicle modifications (like a handicapped van);
  • Medical transportation (rides to and from medical appt);
  • Medical mileage;
  • Other benefits.

Every person injured

Almost every person who is injured in a Michigan car accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident or bicycle accident, or is allowed to benefits for Michigan No-Fault Insurance, irrespective of the person at fault for auto accident. You may also be eligible for these benefits, even if you did not own a car or have no-fault insurance policy on your own.

Contact insurance and attorney

You need to contact your insurance company as well as Michigan Auto Accident Attorney following an auto accident to report any damage to the vehicle or personal injury claim. You will want an adjuster to assess the damage to your vehicle and to assist you in arranging repairs. If you have any injures, you will also need to file an Application for No-Fault Insurance Benefits with your own insurer. It is vital to report all claims quickly so that the insurance company does not try to deny your claims later because they were not reported in a timely manner.

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