Lawyers are of vital importance in all judicial processes, but there are some cases, such as divorces, where their work is even more highlighted. Before starting the procedures it is advisable to do two things: learn about the main points of the subject, and devote some time to find the right professional. In this case we would be talking about a lawyer specialized in divorces, the divorce lawyer.

But why a specialist? Can’t you choose any lawyer?

Legally anyone can choose the lawyer they want for the case they need. But as you probably already know, the Law is very broad and it is important to choose the professional who is specialized in the matter that matters to us. A criminal lawyer will not have as much experience in civil matters as divorces, for example.

The lawyers specialized in this area have a lot of experience in drafting Regulatory Agreements, which is the document that includes all the aspects that will govern the ex-spouses. That is why it is very important that said lawyer has fluency and knows the subject well. On the other hand we must also bear in mind that in many divorces there are minors present. It would also be convenient for the lawyer to have previous experience with cases of this type, since it is a sensitive issue.

We also want to inform you that there are two types of judicial divorce: one is contentious and the other is mutual consent. When the divorce is processed as a mutual agreement, it is enough to have only one lawyer and divorce attorney for the two members of the couple. If, on the other hand, it is a litigation type, two different lawyers will be needed. The help of an experienced family lawyer will be the best guarantee for your rights to be respected.


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