What is the first image that comes to your mind when someone says lawyers? Most of you imagine a smart looking man or woman in a black coat and white shirt. And the more imaginative ones also picture an old fashioned wig!Well even though some of this is true, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Law is a diverse field, and with this diversity comes various types of lawyers. Not all lawyers have an expertise in all fields.

However, when dealing with settling or moving abroad immigration lawyers play an important part. An immigration lawyers located Melbourne city usually deals with foreign citizens and immigrants. They look into technical details of visa making, naturalization, employment and business details of the immigrants. He will handle your paperwork and make the documentation part easier. Apart for that a good immigration lawyer also makes sure that you sail through your citizenship tests without any difficulty. He will also represent you in a court of law incase you have a hearing. Immigration lawyers usually work as mediators between you and the embassy of the foreign country you have applied a citizenship for. They provide you with valuable advice and explain the terms of the legal proceedings.

Immigration law

So far we have understood the roles and functions of an immigration lawyer but this will be incomplete without the basic knowledge of immigration law. Immigration law varies across different nations, as every country has their own set of immigration and international laws. The laws not only deal with citizenship and naturalization but also national statues’, legal precedents dealing with deportation and immigration. Immigration laws change according to the changing political scenarios. However, these laws are not just limited to the entry of a person in a particular country but also the duration of stay, their freedom of movement, participation in the national economics and governance.

Salary of an immigration lawyer     

As an immigration lawyer closely works with embassies, their job is of paramount importance when it some to international relations.But it would be wrong to say that these professionals work hard without getting a decent pay. However, the salary of an immigration lawyer varies from country to country. In Australia a lawyer can make unto AU$57479 in a year. As for the United States the salary alters from 80,000USD to 85,000 USD.

How to become an immigration lawyer?

The procedure and the application process varies across nations. However, if you are from Australia then you would have to first complete your Bachelors in Law LLB or Juris Doctor (JD). Followed by which you should enroll yourself in PLT (practical legal training). This will enable you to get some experience in the legal field. You can then move on to apply for the post of barrister.

Immigration law is an important field when viewed from an international perspective. It serves an important purpose and is a good career option for anyone interested in law, politics and international affairs.

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