Many couples prefer to go into prenups before marriage. Prenups help in protecting your assets you get when getting married from becoming community assets. All your assets and debts you and your spouse have are put on paper. And in the case of divorce your property division is further simplified. Many couples find prenups a very unromantic gesture and a tough document to align with before heading towards the wedding vows. Many people believe that prenups are meant for wealthy people only. But it is always considered a good practice to protect your assets before marriage, no matter how significant it is. And for the same you can hire an attorney, have a look at the Andrew Heft reviews here.

Postnuptial agreements

They are also very similar to prenups, but the idea here involves what each spouse has and what they should be entitled to when they choose to divorce. But know that this agreement takes place after marriage, so you will not have much protection to your assets like you can have with prenups. Still many couples manage to come in with a few assets and get married, and acquire the assets. In such cases, you can go with a post nuptial agreement where you can have some measures in writing which says what each spouse has brought forth to the marriage and who has contributed what. This written document comes in handy during the property division in the divorce.

Surely a postnuptial agreement is deemed a legal document, but it is not legally binding in so much that no matter what amount of property division was determined in the first place is agreed upon on the basis of the circumstances of the divorce. This saves up some of the work, stress and heartbreak effectively of not debating over on who gets what after the divorce, as this is the time where you should be focusing on beginning afresh and not fighting so bad about the family heirlooms and savings account. Consult an experienced family law attorney who can help you sort this out about a postnuptial agreement and help you solve any queries related to the same. A skilled attorney helps in asset evaluation and advise you to protect them with all your might, even after marriage.

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