Domestic violence lawsuits are serious, time-consuming, and agonizing process. Therefore, it is vital to hire an experienced legal counsel to undertake with all subtle issues, events, as well as legal issues surrounding your domestic lawsuit since the outcome may have lasting consequences.

What difference will a lawyer make?a

Well, once you have been arrested and domestic violence charges pressed against you, the case is out of your hands. The prosecutor may decide to pursue the case even if the alleged victim is unwilling to carry on with the case. That is why you should hire a defense lawyer. Passaic County Domestic Violence laws are very involving, complex and tricky. A skilled lawyer knows all the information and evidence to present in court, so as to negotiate or get the charges dismissed. He, among other things, will provide you with the professional legal presentation you require.Image result for Passaic County Domestic Violence Attorney

Restraining order

The alleged victim may seek a restraining order. In this case, you will be prohibited from coming into contact with him/her or the children. Also, the court may issue orders that may see you move out of your residence, especially if you are sharing it to the victim.

However, you have a right to ague your case out for the judge can rule whether the restraining order is necessary. This is where Passaic County Domestic Violence Attorney can make a difference. He/she understands how to go around getting your restraining order lifted.

How do you choose the right divorce Lawyer?

A divorce suit can be complex and demanding, especially if you don’t know the ins and outs of the whole process. It is, therefore, vital to find the right divorce lawyer to fast track the process and save you from emotional and finical strain during this drawn-out process. However, if you don’t have any idea on how to get the best lawyer on board, don’t worry. The following key attributes will guide you accordingly:

  1. Be realistic.

A divorce lawsuit is a lengthy legal process that aims at dissolving the assets as well as resolving custody (of children) issues. The divorce attorney’s main task is to offer legal representation. Yes, you might be very angry, frustrated and sad. But you should do your best and supply him/her with all you know and try to remain real. Be real with your overall expectation.

  1. Focus on the main goal.

Your ultimate goal should be to get the divorce without any effect on the quality of your life. So, never let your emotions run rampant when negotiating over things which don’t matter. Letting emotions take center stage may make the divorce process longer, more litigious, tiresome, and expensive. So, stay focused on getting a divorce as quickly as possible without too much financial strain.

  1. Understand your needs

Don’t rush to hire a divorce lawyer. Instead, consider alternatives to traditional litigations. For instance, you can hire a mediator if you are not entirely entangled with kids and financial resources.

  1. Do your research

Conduct a background research and establish the success rate of your potential lawyer. Ask him/her questions. Read online reviews. A reputable attorney should have a couple of positive reviews from past clients.


Domestic violence is a serious offense. So, do not wait till things get out of hand. Take action as soon as possible – contact Schreyer law firm today. Whether you’re a victim or you have been, you deserve appropriate representation by an experienced attorney who is familiar with laws governing domestic violence laws in Passaic County. Contact us today!

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