If one is experiencing pain, stiffness and, discomfort in the joints, bones and, muscles, then he/she may want to visit a doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat the pain. Various doctors are specialized in treating muscle and joint pains such as orthopedic doctors and surgeons, neurologists, rheumatologists, rehabilitation medicine doctors and, physical therapists.

Why visit an orthopedic specialist?

In case of muscle and joints pain after an accident or injury, dislocation, ruptured tendon, knee pain or, feeling sharp pain while bending down to pick up something, arthritis in the hip, knee or elbow, neck or back pain, radiating arm or leg pain, or a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, a visit to the Orthopedic specialist is highly recommended. Not all joint problems require surgery. Some may get cured by physiotherapies and medications. But cases in which non-surgical treatments don’t respond, the surgeons might recommend you knee arthroscopy.

Complications after a knee surgery

The most common complications in case of knee surgery are bleeding, infection, blood coagulation, blood vessel damage, nerve damage, lack of full range of motion due to differences in length of legs, allergic reaction to anaesthesia, the formation of arthritis, excessive bone growth or bone loss, the formation of scar and re-injury in the joint o soft tissue. In case the patient suffers from any of these post-surgical complications, generated by the surgeon, after an operation, the patient can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor.

Why an attorney is needed for a surgical malpractice case?

In case a medical lawsuit is filed upon the doctor by the patient, the attorney may call upon the Orthopedic Expert Witness to get expert guidance on the case. The orthopedic medical witness is required for the medical testimony and reviews after a surgery complication is seen on the patient. The witnesses conduct independent medical examinations, medical testimony during trials, depositions, and arbitrations. They provide detailed information in the form of reports with unbiased reviews which help in the cases related to post-surgical complications. Thus, these expert witnesses have the knowledge and experience, apart from just academic excellence, which is very useful in medico-legal guidance. The guidance helps the attorney to build a strong case such as medical malpractice.

Compensation Claims after a Surgical Error

A surgical error occurs if there are errors during surgery, such as, operating a wrong body part or internal organ, injuring a nerve or artery, failure to monitor a patient’s heart rate and breathing, failing to remove swabs from the patient after completing the surgery and so on.This occurs due to sheer negligence on the part of the surgeon.In such cases, a surgery error case can be filed up to three years from the date of the surgery. The amount of compensation for a surgical negligence claim depends on the injury one has sustained and how this has affected his or her life. The orthopedic legal experts will access carefully the current and future medical treatment and care needs as well as the losses that one has sustained due to surgical error on the part of the surgeon. This is a detailed process that makes sure that the patient is fully compensated.

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