Whether it’s about the choice of universities for higher education or finding more appealing jobs, Canada is a land of great opportunities for everyone. Which is why more and more people of different nationalities prefer immigrating to Canada. Canadian government welcomes residents from different countries to apply for Canadian citizenship, however, the process is quite meticulous. Which is why you must seek the help of professional immigration law firms like Get In Canada. Instead of counting on local dealers without a license to get the citizenship, you should count on legally certified law firms only. Why? Well, the reasons are obvious. 

  • Individuals without a license can be cons and dupe you for money. But law firms have contacts with authorized bodies. 
  • Law firms are reliable. All the paperwork done is legal. It allows hassle-free immigration. 

Other than these benefits, legit law firms like Get In Canada first access all the details to determine whether or not you’re an eligible candidate. That said, they proceed with caution so that your time and money aren’t wasted. This firm strongly suggests that you first enter the Express Entry System – a criterion that require you to submit an application.

The application takes into account multiple factors, like;

  • Whether or not you have a job offer in Canada.
  • Whether you’re a well-off person looking forward to establishing a business in Canada.
  • Whether or not you have an invitation from the Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  • Whether you have a decent grasp of the English language.

These are but a few factors only. There are many more. Once you submit the application, it is reviewed. If you have a high score, you’re allowed to apply for permanent citizenship.

In fact, if you want to immigrate to Canada but do not have any job offer to support your claim, legit and licensed genuine firms like Get In Canada can help you with the paperwork to enroll in the Employment And Social Development Canada’s Job Bank. Following which, you can reapply for immigration with a fresh application. 

All in all, the entire work is done to flawlessly fulfill all the legal requirements so that you can acquire permanent citizenship. Such law firms also specialize in helping refugees and students. They offer free assessment services where you can find out if or not you’re eligible to immigrate in the Canadian mainland as a refugee and/or a student.

On a closing note, acquiring permanent citizenship or enrolling in a university in Canada is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of legal paperwork and is, thus, best when left for professionals to deal with.