Ashland is a wonderful place to choose to call home. With its sprawling fields, farms, lakes, mountains and streams the beautiful place that we choose to call home is also known to have its share of well and septic system issues specific to the area.

In this brief article you will discover several tips that will help you to locate well and septic issues and tips to hire a certified well inspection service in Ashland Virginia.

Insure that your well water and septic system are functioning properly:

Insuring that the water that your family drinks is imperative to good health and longevity. Are you unsure of the quality of your water? Many waterborne pathogens that cause illness are the result of sewage entering the water supply. And testing your well and water system annualLy is life insurance.

Hire a property inspector specializing in well and septic systems:

Not all property inspectors in Ashland are created equal. You will want to locate one that has extensive experience testing well water and septic systems. Not only that you will want to locate one that actually has hands on experience in the repair, operation and function of the motors, pumps and other components associated with the proper flow and containment of sewage.

The well water and septic inspection will cover the following. *Partial list

Septic system inspection

Insure that the septic system is not leaking.

Check pipes and septic lines for deterioration.

Evaluate septic tank. Uncover age of tank.

Pressure test systems.

Well water testing

The well water test will test for minerals and contaminents.

Check the overall function of well pump.

Insure water lines are not leaking.

Check the PH to insure within range.

Test for protozoa and other pathogens.


Once a year it is recommended by most well water testing services to insure the health of your family. In places that the water is more commonly contaminated well water testing services suggest that you test the water monthly or even weekly. Septic tank and well water testing in Ashland Virginia is well worth the longevity and vitality of your loved ones.

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