Actions for wrongful death arise when a person is dead as a result of negligence of another. If your loved one has passed due to negligence of other person then you should not delay. When in Bike Injury you should immediately hire an attorney who could help you out with this situation. They are dedicated to fighting insurance companies and demanding the right compensation for the families of victims in wrongful death. Most lawsuits of wrongful death follow in the wake of criminal trials, using the similar evidence but with a poor standard of proof.

Elements of wrongful death lawsuit: If you want to bring a successful wrongful death cause of section, then following elements must be present:

  • Death of an individual
  • Negligence caused by other person, or with intent to cause harm
  • Family member`s survival who are suffering monetary injury because of death
  • Appointment of a personal representative for the decedent`s estate

The court will look at many different factors surrounding the deceased and its relationships with the family members surviving, in order to determine what types of damage will be awarded in a wrongful death suit. It can be awarded to:

  1. Spouses: The spouse usually has the claim for the companionship lost that resulted from the death of the deceased as well as for his or her own emotional trauma due to death.
  2. Parents: If the deceased was a minor child then the parents can also recover damages for their emotional trauma and the lost relationship with the child.
  3. Children: Damages can also be awarded to the minor child for the lost benefits of their relationship with the deceased parent that includes support and comfort.

You can also search online for the wrongful death attorney so as to get the desired result in your case.

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