They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and there is no denying that. Even though this might shock people, some dogs are not very safe and hospitable to live in human environments. However, if a dog gets proper training from a professional trainer, they might be well adjusted to a human environment, provided their owner has a good command over them. 

If a dog bites in your neighborhood or anywhere on public property, you must get in touch with an Atlanta dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. A dog bite injury can cost you several medical treatments and medications. Hence, it is better to get it covered by the insurance company, the owner of the dog, who is responsible for the injury in the first place. 

Dangerous breeds of dogs that are not suitable for residential localities  

  • American Pitbull Terrier 

American Pitbull ranks on top of the list of the world’s most dangerous dogs. Many countries have even banned keeping an American pitbull as a pet. While the size of an American Pitbull might not be massive, they are muscular and strong dogs that can even kill a full-grown man it provoked. 

Due to their high intelligence level, they have a high-performance capacity and are perfect for guarding. However, they are not the most friendly dogs, so if you see an American pitbull, you might want to stay away. 

  • Rottweilers 

It is no surprise that Rotwielrs do not belong to the category of Family dogs. Especially families with amateurs owners or no prior experience in training an aggressive dog breed. Rottweilers are known for their short-tempered nature and require constant attention and training to keep them well-behaved. 

Having a Rottweiler can take up much of your time in a day, so getting one as a pet is best if you have a hectic schedule. Rottweilers, when enraged, can attack a human being. Moreover, their attack is so brutal that they can kill a person. 

  • German Shepherd 

The German Shepherd is a brilliant dog spread all over America in large amounts. Due to their ability to respond to training and intelligence, these dogs are also used as police dogs. They rank 3rd among the most intelligent dogs and are pretty strong. 

Training these dogs is essential, or they can turn aggressive quickly. If you own a German shepherd, you must ensure the dog gets professional training, or you will end up with an aggressive dog that lashes out at everyone. 

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