The concept of child support is fairly simple; it doesn’t matter if you live close or away from your children, you’ll always remain responsible for them. At Allentown, the child support laws are focused on ensuring that the non-custodial parent carries on with financial support for their child’s well-being.

If one spouse is getting both child support and alimony, these amounts may have a direct effect on each other as well.  Allentown child support lawyers will start the calculation process by performing an exhaustive financial inventory of both parties. Thereafter, a determination of what needs to be paid or received will be made and both parties should come to an agreement. If they can’t reach an agreement, then the lawyers will use their financial analysis in the courtroom to get you the child support arrangement you want.

Revenues used in calculating child support

According to the Allentown law, the revenues used to determine child support include:

  • Overtime, bonuses, or commission pay
  • Unemployment/ worker’s compensation
  • Regular wages and salary
  • Retirement income and social security payments
  • Interest earned from personal business or investments
  • Lottery winnings

If one of the spouses has a hidden income like cash tips earned from a serving job or cash payments from a small business, it should still be taken into consideration while making the support calculations. Even when someone opts to stop working, they can still be held responsible for their child’s support based on their previous earning potential as stipulated by their past income, education level, and skill set. The attorneys at Allentown will guarantee the best possible result for your specific situation by means of their extensive experience in handling child support as well as family law matters.

Over time your financial status may change, leaving both child and spousal support arrangements open to change. A knowledgeable Allentown attorney can help review or modify existing child or spousal support agreements.

The power of hiring an experienced attorney

Making the other parent pay for your child’s support can be a daunting task, but hiring an experienced lawyer can assist you to understand the different options you can choose from. It’s common for most people to deny responsibility for their child support. With a skilled attorney, you’ll be able to navigate the legal system and obtain the money that you deserve so that you can conveniently provide for your child.

What to expect from a child support attorney

Disputes involving children and finances can easily become volatile and turn into discussing child custody. A good lawyer can accurately negotiate on your behalf to defend your child’s interests by doing the following:

  • Filing a petition for child support
  • Prove income
  • Answer a child support petition
  • Estimate how much support you need
  • Subpoena the other spouse’s financial information
  • Locate the other parent

The bottom line

The family law advocates at are highly experienced at representing the parent paying and the one receiving child support. They are able to guide you through the entire process and ensure that you get the best possible outcome for you and your family. Your child’s support is often calculated based on the actual income and the earning potential of both parents. The amount of time each parent spends with the children is also taken into consideration.


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